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Zehnder Helps "Piccadilly To Go" Get Moving

In 2016, Zehnder partnered with Piccadilly as their agency of record. Since then we’ve worked together to evolve the look of their restaurants to reflect the fresh flavor of the food as well as launch online ordering. The cornerstone of their brand evolution was a new platform: “Made Here. Made Fresh.”

Instagram Launches YouTube Competitor – IGTV

Dante Nicholas
Social Media Community Manager

On June 20th at a press event in San Francisco, Instagram announced two massive updates. First, the Facebook-owned social media platform now has over 1 BILLION monthly active users! Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Instagram has just launched a new app called IGTV (Instagram TV).

Don’t have a crisis plan? Competitors can’t wait until the next disaster hits your company.

Ann Edelman
VP of Public Relations and Media

Your business isn’t controversial. You’re rarely affected by other industries or trends. Sure, a lot of things can go wrong, but no one can prepare for them all.

Spotify or Pandora: Will AdsWizz Renew Pandora's Charm?

Joann Habisreitinger 
Media Director

If you've been living under a rock, we'll get you up to speed: streaming audio is massively popular, and it's a great way to reach consumers where they're at. This naturally leads clients to ask which platform is best for their advertising needs.

Account Services – A Jack of All Trades

Beth Swayne
Associate Director of Account Services

But a heck-of-a problem solver! In Account Service, we focus on being a “jack of all trades” – pairing strategic and creative thinking with a business mindset to look for the best outcomes for our clients. Plus, in today’s digital world, an account person is obligated to respond immediately. But, that AE needs to ensure they are responding, not reacting.

Using Google Analytics to Demonstrate ROI and Optimize Marketing Strategy

Michael Hutterer
Research & Analytics Strategist

Whether you’re a director of marketing or owner of a brand, combing through loads of data and analyzing the results of your online campaigns can be overwhelming and time-consuming. While it may not fit into your daily schedule, data collection and analysis are crucial to the success of any marketing strategy, and with a little consistency can optimize your marketing efforts tenfold. The best free tool on the market, and one that allows you to make the most of the tools you are already using, is Google Analytics (GA).

Human-Centered Design: Why User Personas are Important to Brand Development

Research & Analytics 

Despite living in the “digital age,” there are still many industries and companies using outdated technologies or marketing methods. Whether it be outdated websites, a lack of e-commerce, or a lack of a social media presence, there’s a definitive need for companies, new or old, to harness the power of digital technologies to remain competitive in a time of “disruption.” 

Flexing Our Business Intelligence Muscle – Education Edition

Jeremy Hunnewell (aka J-Honey)
CFO & Business Strategist

Zehnder's Business Strategy team was engaged to consult with the information technology office of a major public university's medical school. The client was gaining notice within the university for providing excellent service to their constituents, and as a result additional schools and departments were interested in retaining our client's services.

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook's New Algorithm

Dante Nicholas
Social Media Community Manager

With over 2.2 billion users, Facebook has become an advertiser’s fantasy over the past couple of years. However on January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook page to announce some interesting changes that were coming to the social media platform. More specifically, he announced changes that would affect how we interact with brands on the Facebook Newsfeed moving forward. As an agency, we are always on the pulse of what's happening in the social sphere, so we dug a little deeper into the changes to see how they may impact our efforts and the efforts we put forth on behalf of our clients. 


Day in the Life: Zehnder's PR Manager, Elliot Hutchinson

Posted by Dante Nicholas
Social Media Community Manager

“I’m always on and I’m always around, because I have to be.”

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