Spotlight On:

Spotlight on: Dan Carlson

The Word Detective (not the Grammar Police)

Self-described in three words: Loyal. Observant. Respectfully Inappropriate.

As a 2nd-grader, Dan established a detective agency in his family’s garage. He created his first-ever marketing collateral out of index cards, depositing them in all his neighbors’ mailboxes. But the cases (i.e., finding Mom’s “lost purse”) were few and far between, so he finally closed up shop despite having zero overhead expenses.

Spotlight on Susan Polowczuk

Telling stories that matter.

3 words: Plugged-in / Empathetic / Communicator

Growing up in a city like New Orleans, Susan Polowczuk has always appreciated the value of a good story. She’s been finding and telling them her entire career ‒ first as a journalist and now as a public relations professional. 

Spotlight on Katie Kehler

The Nimble Juggler

3 words: Meticulous. Versatile. Surprising.

Hailing from Nashville, home of one of our three offices, Katie Kehler is rocking her Project Manager role in our New Orleans office. She initially set her sights on New Orleans in 2012, after graduating from the University of Alabama. 

Spotlight On: Geoffrey Fuglaar

Media buyer extraordinaire.
Self-described in three words: Prepared | Personable | Saucy

Happy with the way your ad looks? That’s great, but it’s only one part of what makes advertising effective. You’ve got to get your message in front of the right sets of eyes – the target audience you’re trying to reach.

Spotlight On: Alyssa Braden

The agile busy bee.
Self-described in three words: Creative | Driven | Passionate

Alyssa got bit by the Zehnder bug four years ago during an encounter with our very own Ann Edelman. Five different advertising and public relations agencies spoke to her senior media management class at LSU about the industry, but Alyssa was absolutely blown away by how Ann commanded the room. She knew right then and there she had to work for her.

Spotlight On: Ben Clark

The do-it-all design mind
Self-described in three words: Happy | Crafty | Zany

Ben so dearly loves being part of the Zehnder team that he has actually worked here twice. After originally joining the agency’s Nashville office as a Junior Graphic Designer in February 2012, he was lured away a couple years later to an in-house position with a new restaurant.

Spotlight On: Ellen Altamirano

The social whirlwind
Self-described in three words: Candid | Consistent | Gregarious

Ellen is a force of nature, and she might have been born to work in social media. Just over five years ago, a friend put her in touch with Zehnder and she hasn’t looked back.

Spotlight On: Jeremy Hunnewell

The new guy who's a familiar face
Self-described in three words: Strategic | Quantitative | Caffeinated

Jeremy Hunnewell is accustomed to moving fast. Born in Maine, he grew up in Massachusetts, earned a degree from UMass-Amherst and went to work in Boston for a major accounting firm.

Spotlight On: Georgia Gilmore

The enthusiastic go-getter
Self-described in three words: Tenancious | Loyal | Dramatic

Ask designer Georgia Gilmore to describe herself in three words, and she’ll say tenacious, loyal, and dramatic. At Zehnder, we couldn’t agree more with her first two choices.

Spotlight On: Briana Dubaz

The always-learning storyteller
Self-described in three words: Fiery | Incisive | Balanced

After working in the casino industry for more than five years, it’s safe to say that Media Coordinator Briana Dubaz has a fair amount of good stories to share — many of which involve plotlines most people won’t see in a lifetime. 

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