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Spotlight On: Ben Clark

The do-it-all design mind
Self-described in three words: Happy | Crafty | Zany

Ben so dearly loves being part of the Zehnder team that he has actually worked here twice. After originally joining the agency’s Nashville office as a Junior Graphic Designer in February 2012, he was lured away a couple years later to an in-house position with a new restaurant.

“Zehnder was my first graphic design job out of college,” says Ben, “so naturally my curiosity was piqued by opportunities that were being offered to me. It didn’t take long for me to realize Zehnder was in fact the best place for me to be. I then began clawing my way back to join the Zehnder team once again.”

He rejoined the Z-Team in June of 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He cites his Zehnder coworkers as a primary reason.

“From having worked at various other places there’s no other team like it,” he says. “They’ve helped me grow as a designer and creative thinker. It’s such a talented bunch, always up to lend a helping hand or an open ear, and getting work done the right way every time.”

Feelings are certainly mutual. Ben’s easy-going attitude and strong work ethic help clarify why he was welcomed back. Working at Zehnder requires the ability to shift gears on the fly while juggling a diverse variety of client projects, and Ben has demonstrated a dependability that’s overshadowed only by his talent and versatility. He might be working on lifestyle brand t-shirt designs one minute and healthcare brand print ads the next.

“I start my day earlier than most,” he notes, “just to get my thoughts in order and try to get ahead of the game. I design anything from print to digital and have dipped my toes into animation and video a bit too, as time allows. And I always try stepping away from the computer screen with pen to paper as much as I can.”

Ben’s eclectic style is reflected in his award-winning client work, as well as his personal creative pursuits. Did you know he invented and designed a board game about sandwiches that are brought to life by toothpick swords? We can’t make this stuff up. Seeking extended life spans, the sandwiches must battle hungry people, rising temperatures and, alas, even each other. It’s the kind of plot that’ll soon have Parker Brothers’ stomachs rumbling.

He also likes to host large-scale game show experiences, including The Price is Right, Box of Lies and even a Christmas Wheel of Fortune. (Yes, Ben’s birthday falls just after that glorious winter holiday, so he’s somewhat obsessed with all things Christmas.) Perhaps more than any pursuit, these games best showcase his full spectrum: merging art and craftsmanship with technology, paying close attention to detail and entertaining friends.


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