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Spotlight On: Ellen Altamirano

The social whirlwind
Self-described in three words: Candid | Consistent | Gregarious

Ellen is a force of nature, and she might have been born to work in social media. Just over five years ago, a friend put her in touch with Zehnder and she hasn’t looked back.

She’s made a career out of social media outreach, moving from a client-side marketing and public relations role to the fast-paced social media department at Zehnder. Everyone who knows her knows that she hasn’t stopped moving since! She describes herself as an expeditor, and that means she touches everything: mobilizing her team to make sure they’re on task, ensuring that all content is on-brand, evolving strategy to optimize results, and coordinating with other departments. Every now and then, she still gets in the trenches to create social content and engage with brands’ audiences, too. For such an energetic person, it’s appropriate that she thinks that “social media never sleeps.”

She’s no one-trick pony, either – during her time at Zehnder, she’s dug in deep on clients in a huge variety of industries, including travel, hospitality, entertainment, food, retail, technology, medical, finance, oil & gas, and government-related organizations. If you ask her, having a public relations degree has been the key to her ability to think critically and create messaging for any situation or industry. If you ask us, she’s probably not giving herself enough credit.

More than just transitioning from a single client to the gamut she works on today, she’s also learned to abandon her cookie cutter – there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when you’ve got such a variety of clients. Just as importantly, you can’t use just one approach when you engage with such a diverse group of people every day, both internally and on client teams.

And she truly engages with her team here at Z-NOLA. Of the social media department she says: “I love and appreciate my team. We are always learning from each other and teaching each other new things, whether it is work-related or what new song is out on the radio or where the new hot spot is in town. For better or worse, we are a family!” In addition, working with the rest of the team has taught her to “follow your bliss” in everything you do.

If you need her, Ellen will be at the ready, following the Zehnder mantra to “work hard, play hard” to a tee.


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