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Spotlight On: Geoffrey Fuglaar

Media buyer extraordinaire.
Self-described in three words: Prepared | Personable | Saucy

Happy with the way your ad looks? That’s great, but it’s only one part of what makes advertising effective. You’ve got to get your message in front of the right sets of eyes – the target audience you’re trying to reach.

As a member of Zehnder Communications’ Media department, Geoffrey Fuglaar buys ad space and air time for clients in the best media at the best price.

“We have to find the right price, but we also have to find the right place,” he says. “Our job is to make sure the right people are seeing the right kind of ads, that we’re hitting only the people we need to hit, regardless of where they are on the media landscape.”

Since joining Zehnder in 2014, Fuglaar has been honored by the New Orleans Advertising Club as Ad Person of the Year in communications support. He was named one of Zehnder’s employees of the year for 2016, and he’s an active participant in Zehnder’s various community volunteering initiatives.

A native of Wilsonville, Alabama, near Birmingham, Fuglaar (pronounced “fyoo-glur”) arrived in Louisiana courtesy of the LSU marching band. He says that on a whim, he auditioned on trumpet and was offered a full scholarship. After earning a business management degree, he went to work for a Baton Rouge agency placing ad buys for car dealerships.

The job kept him on his toes while offering a deep dive into the industry. Media buyers are skilled negotiators in arranging the best price for ad placements. But they’re also expert researchers and understand the unique psychology of how readers, listeners and viewers consume and react to various kinds of media.

“A good buyer knows how to take the client’s key performance indicators and apply them to the world everybody lives in,” he says. “We’re not only trying to find the right audience, we’re trying to grab people in a different way.”

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