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Five SEO Basics You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask About

If you have beginner-level questions about SEO that you’re too embarrassed to ask, here’s your chance to find answers. We’ve created an SEO 101 guide that covers the basics of this crucial web strategy. Boost your brand’s online presence with these five fundamental facts about SEO.

R.I.P. Adobe Flash. Here’s What it Means for Your Brand.

The world of online banner ads is experiencing a rebirth — or rather, a redesign. As popular web browsers and networks like Google, Mozilla, and Facebook put a ban on Flash, advertisers are moving away from this decades-old animation software and toward HTML5 (a technical markup language) instead. It’s a high-tech transition that will have a direct impact on the success of your brand’s digital ads. Learn why.

Stephanie Spinella, Research & Analytics Strategist – New Orleans Office

Spotlight On: Stephanie Spinella

Stephanie Spinella’s formal title might be Research & Analytics Strategist, but she likes to occasionally call herself something else: a detective.

Listen Up! How Podcasts are Changing the Ad Industry

Did you listen to the podcast Serial? With more than 40 million estimated downloads to date, it’s clear that this is one story that people can’t stop talking about. As this true-story murder mystery podcast continues to sweep the globe a year after it launched, it’s created rapid interest and growth in the podcast as a media form. Listen and learn about how podcasts are changing the ad industry.

5 Things We Learned from Mad Men

What have seven seasons of Mad Men taught us? Many things, including that it’s never a good idea to drink before 10 a.m. or hide your identity. Since this show has come to an official end, we offer five Mad Men truths that are still relevant today. (No spoilers, we promise!)

Verizon Acquired AOL: What it Says About the Future of Advertising

Verizon’s recent announcement that the company is purchasing AOL says quite a bit about the evolution of the media and advertising industries. Learn why Verizon is willing to pay a premium for AOL’s digital advertising technology (ad-tech) platforms; and more importantly, learn why your brand should be paying attention to industry changes like this one.

Zehnder in Print

Inside the book, Zehnder projects are highlighted as strong examples of campaign management, design, and traditional media. We’re also featured in sections covering social media, digital marketing, and alternative marketing. A write-up about our agency is included on page 121. We’re honored that authors Kenneth E. Clow and Donald E. Beck included us in this valuable publication.

Shape a Solid Brand Strategy: 7 Quick Tips

It’s no secret that a solid strategy is the key to success — but when was the last time you re-visited your own? Freshen up your brand with a refined marketing strategy, or start from scratch with a new one. Here are seven pointers to get you started.

Is Your Brand Ready for a Crisis? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

When a crisis strikes, the last thing you want to feel is unprepared. See if your brand is ready to handle a crisis by answering these 10 questions.

Facebook: You Get What You Pay For

Although advertisers used to make their way into the Facebook News Feed for free — resulting in a large “organic reach” — that’s become nearly impossible over the past two years. And it’s become especially difficult since Facebook made additional changes to its display policy in November 2014.

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