One Gas

The Client
One Gas

ONE Gas, Inc. is a stand-alone, 100 percent regulated, publicly traded natural gas utility and is one of the largest natural gas utilities in the United States. ONE Gas provides natural gas distribution services to more than 2 million customers in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. ONE Gas came to Zehnder to help develop a modern-day, fully-integrated digital marketing plan. Zehnder set out to elevate ONE Gas’ digital presence by assessing every digital touchpoint from its website to social media channels, email marketing, SEO, blogs and more.
The Strategy
A Synergistic Approach

To deliver a synergistic digital marketing approach for One Gas, we knew that we had to consider ever since touchpoint from the residential side to the commercial side to economic development. Ingraining ourselves in every aspect of One Gas’ business ensured we became an extension of their internal teams.

Consider Every Touchpoint

As we began to build out a synergistic digital marketing approach we had to consider a number of key objectives:

  • Creating a more defined strategy for both transactional and relational content
  • Revamping digital channels and online customer experiences
  • Reducing call volume and driving customers to self-service channels
  • Making it easier for customers to do business with One Gas
  • Positioning natural gas as a preferred choice
  • Developing more modern, cost-effective infrastructure for managing the website
Consider Every Audience

As part of our strategic approach, we develop personas to address key needs and messaging across all audiences:


  • Customers (residential, commercial and industrial)
  • Site selectors/economic development
  • Builders/developers
  • Community-at-large
  • Employees
  • Elected Officials
Root It All in Research

Zehnder began by developing and deploying surveys to key ONE Gas staff across various departments and also conducted in-person, deep dive interviews. Through our research we learned that a unified, consistent digital presence was required across all departments. Key tactics included:

  • User experience/improved navigation on website
  • An intuitive content management system for fresh updates to website
  • Better storytelling across marketing touchpoints/improved content marketing through video, animation and blogs
  • Improved social media channel management and reputation strategy
  • Segmented email marketing campaigns including drip and nurture
  • More clearly defined KPIs
  • Better reporting and analytics to inform future marketing efforts


  • Segmented email marketing Campaigns including drip and nurture


  • More clearly defined KPIs
  • Better Reporting and analytics to inform future marketing efforts

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