Financial Services Brands
We’ve worked with more than 40 banking, investment, insurance and professional service clients.
Years of Experience
Zehnder’s team boasts more than two decades of experience in finance marketing.
Leads Generated
Our content marketing, email marketing, and SEO efforts for finance clients have generated hundreds of leads.
Negotiated Added Value
The Zehnder media team has secured more than 15% of one financial client’s paid media budget in negotiated added-value placements.
Taking it Beyond Transactions.

We share powerful brand stories that make transactions more meaningful, even in today’s digital world. See how we’ve helped banking and insurance companies connect with consumers.

Meet Our Experts
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Meet William Gilbert

A designer, artist, photographer, editor and sound engineer, William is able to develop robust creative approaches that generate results for clients. He’s worked with brands such as Origin Bank, JD Bank and Postlethwaite & Netterville on award-winning traditional and digital campaigns.
Meet Jen Boneno

Jennifer brings more than 20 years of experience in account management, strategic and creative thinking, broadcast, print and digital marketing. She has helped brands like Origin Bank, San Diego-based Union Bank, Bank of Montgomery and American Equity Underwriters engage audiences through multi-platform campaigns.
Meet Kelly Patton

Kelly helps develop complex, multifaceted campaigns for clients by managing budgets, schedules, and deliverables for dozens of projects at once. Her experience in the financial sector includes partnerships with Origin Bank, Postlethwaite & Netterville and JD Bank, among others.
Meet Ellen Altamirano

Ellen leads our social media department by developing high-level social media strategy and messaging approaches for established and emerging social platforms. She’s strengthened the online presence of financial brands like Origin Bank, JD Bank and American Equity Underwriters.