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The Evolving Face of Marketing 2022

When it comes to a new year, marketing is no different from most aspects of our day-to-day lives. We survey the landscape, reflect, and make resolutions for how we want to improve. With 2022 already underway, we’re taking stock of some trends that will help define the marketing landscape for the year, moving forward. Not surprisingly a trend emerged within these trends: creating genuine personal connections. To say we’ve all been through a lot as a society lately is an understatement, and the movement in marketing should be to help everyone feel the love.


A Little More “Human Touch”

It’s no secret that technology moves fast. We may be barely into one hot trend before another comes along to bump it out as the king du jour. There have been so many innovations in digital communication, and COVID has made us all interact remotely more than ever. With all this interaction comes an increase in the data it generates. But while metrics and digital tracking have made it easier to customize specific campaigns, what consumers are truly craving more than ever is some good old-fashioned empathy and emotion. They want to feel that you genuinely understand and even care for them. Make your communication a two-way street as much as possible. Rather than just sharing your message, build familiarity and trust through conversational marketing methods such as real-time, instant messages and personalized messages powered by AI.


Visually Expressive

Creating stronger connections starts with capturing interest. Studies have consistently shown that a high percentage of consumers are visual learners. That will only increase as the clutter of digital banners and pop-ups increases. Catchy, memorable short video content will continue to rise above static assets on social media and even TV streaming services. In particular, live video will continue to command the highest attention vs. pre-recorded material. Humor, insight, even a little aspirational hope and brightness – these quick video experiences will have both an immediate and more lasting impression. This will not only help create more personal connections with consumers but also generate new ways of creating revenue. Look no further than platforms such as TikTok and Instagram that are working to further monetize their capabilities.


Believability Begins Within

Employees are the heart and soul of business. Their knowledge and positive attitude (or lack thereof) will quickly stand out to current and potential customers. Just as 2022 will see more of a push to build genuine connections with consumers, there will also be a trend toward strengthening bonds among the folks who put their blood, sweat and tears into a venture. A little appreciation certainly goes a long way. But beyond that, providing proper technology and reasonable schedule accommodations for your workforce will motivate and empower them to put their best foot forward. Dedicated education and communication will ensure that they not only have a grasp on their responsibilities but fully buy into the overall brand mentality and believe that they have a pathway to upward progress.


People Relate to People

Influencer Marketing will continue to be a sought-out marketing tactic and will be at the top of the list for brands. Influencers are masters at talking with the audience not “at them” and they know their platforms inside and out. They already have an audience that is engaged, interested and influenced by the information they provide. And we aren’t talking about celebrity influencers – many of today’s most successful brands are looking to micro-influencers (social media promoters with a smaller following – typically a thousand). Although these micro-influencers have fewer followers, their content is extremely effective given their higher level of engagement.


Culture as a Campaign

All of these trends fall in line with a bigger ongoing evolution of the nature and meaning of “marketing” as a whole. With so many options in the marketplace, brand loyalty just isn’t what it used to be. We’re moving away from simply promoting services, goods or capabilities. Instead, the emphasis is more on creating a complete experience. Aspects such as convenience, efficiency and helpful service all play a role in this. Establishing familiarity and trust becomes the strongest mode of marketing a company can achieve.


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