Liquor Brands
Zehnder has partnered with more than 20 liquor brands, ranging from craft breweries to specialty spirit producers.
Guerilla Marketing Destinations
We visited more than 100 destinations in our guerrilla marketing campaign for Fireball Whisky.
CPG Brand Launches
Zehnder has helped launch sweeteners, health supplements and liquor brands.
We've worked with more than 17 QSR, casual and fine dining restaurants.
We’ve Got Good Taste.

Food and beverage advertising has to appeal beyond consumers’ physical appetites. See how we create cultural movements around food, drinks and restaurants.

Meet Our Experts
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Meet Dave Maher

Dave is responsible for creating cutting-edge technology experiences for our clients and has led award-winning digital projects for multiple food and beverage brands. His expertise in SEO, mobile, virtual and augmented reality, data analytics and artificial intelligence helps clients stay ahead of the competition.
Meet Beth Swayne

Beth has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, with expertise in brand strategy and messaging. She’s worked with nationwide food and beverage organizations like Piccadilly, Krystal, Double Cola and Stevi B’s Pizza to increase sales and boost brand awareness in target markets.
Meet Katherine Andry

Katherine was voted Ad Person of the Year and is known for her strategic, efficient, and straightforward approach to solving client’s marketing challenges. She’s worked with brands like BiomeBliss, Zea Rotisserie & Bar, Gran Gala and Fireball Whisky to develop brand loyalty and expand to new target audiences.
Meet Allison Stiel

Allison helps clients build and engage their social media audiences through digital and in-person brand activation events. She helped build Fireball Whisky’s online fan base from scratch, carefully crafting the brand’s voice to connect with consumers and key influencers. While at Zehnder, she’s also worked with brands like BiomeBliss, Galatoire’s and Southern Social Table.