Learn How Data Drives Our Work

As the world of advertising changes, proving ROI and personalizing campaign efforts are more important than ever. And with “big data” available to most marketers, the idea of collecting the right insights to inform a smart marketing strategy seems easy — until the numbers simply don’t match up, or the details you need can’t be found.

Leading The Revolution

Zehnder was one of the first full-service agencies to create a dedicated research and analytics department tasked with helping clients prove ROI. Unlike other communications firms that outsource or simply omit data-based evaluation efforts, we take pride in providing clients with objective analysis of our work. By constantly measuring success, we’re able to continually improve campaigns until they exceed client expectations.

There’s an old saying: marketing is a science, while advertising is an art. The Listen Hub allows us to bring those two together.
Jeff Zehnder
Zehnder CEO
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