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Successful Brand Strategy Tips for Marketers

It’s no secret that a solid brand strategy is the key to success — but when was the last time you revisited your company’s strategy? Freshen up your brand with a refined brand strategy, or start from scratch with a new one. Here are seven brand strategy tips to get you started.

Brand Strategy Tips

  1. Reflect. In order to look forward, you have to look back. Give your brand an honest evaluation. A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) assessment can help you identify key areas to focus on. Use these to develope a successful brand strategy. 

    Example: You realize that the original vision for your brand has shifted due to changes in technology and customer needs. It’s time to re-establish your brand in an evolving marketplace.

  2. Simplify. After working closely with a brand for a long time, staff might get bogged down or distracted by details and lose sight of the main goal. On the other hand, new brands might have trouble defining exactly what it is they want their brand to be. Distill your brand’s vision into a few simple statements that drive your brand strategy.

    Example: Imagine you have to deliver your brand’s vision in an elevator pitch. Find the key words and phrases that succinctly sum up the purpose of your company.

  3. Listen. Make sure your strategy reflects the input of key stakeholders — and perhaps more importantly, the input of your customers and employees. Often, a different perspective can highlight a whole new area to focus on.

    Example: Input from your sales team reveals that customers are having a difficult time distinguishing your brand from competitors, which you were never aware of until now.

  4. Use your insight. At the heart of a strong brand is an insight that guides every facet of the strategy. It’s what makes your brand stand out among the rest and resonate with your most loyal customers.

    Example: Unlike everyone else in your industry, your brand has a unique approach when it comes to providing high-quality customer service — which is exactly what your target audience is looking for.

  5. Set the pace. Identify the short-term goals that will help you achieve your ultimate vision. Successful brand strategies are created with a “marathon mindset” that incorporates both immediate and long-term approaches.

    Example: Your ultimate goal is to grow your brand presence in the Southeast within the next two years. So, you set short-term goals for the next six months, like a Southeast blogger outreach program and an in-market brand activation event.

  6. Be realistic. Be honest about the challenges your brand faces and realistic about the goals you’ve set. Identify key performance indicators to help you stay on track.

    Example: Although you’d like your brand to be mentioned in a national publication, you know that it’s unlikely at the moment. Instead, you focus on gaining publicity in regional publications.

  7. Follow through. Once you’ve refined your strategy, make sure it’s a focal point of everything you and your employees do. Consistently revisit and review your strategy to keep it at the forefront of every business decision you make.

    Example: As you’re re-designing your website, you make sure that every call to action leads users toward an end goal that directly aligns with your strategy.

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