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5 Reasons Why Integrated Marketing Works

You might have noticed that many agencies describe themselves as “integrated," including us here at Zehnder. Let's go beyond buzzwords to define what this word really means and show you why an integrated strategy is crucial to success.

Integrated Marketing, Defined

Integrated marketing combines multiple types of outreach tactics to most effectively reach a brand’s key audience at every phase of the customer journey. For example, Zehnder develops marketing strategies that include outreach through public relations, social media, and digital marketing, as well as through mediums including outdoor, radio, and TV. Campaigns are structured to deliver a consistent message to customers as they conduct initial research, make comparisons, and ultimately settle on a decision. 

The reason why integrated marketing strategies succeed? Each outreach tactic enhances the performance of the others, ultimately amplifying the impact of your campaign and increasing your brand equity, as many studies have shown. 

Why Integrated Marketing Succeeds

1. It unifies your strategy and message across channels. Integrated marketing campaigns are driven by a single strategy that guides creative development and unifies your brand message across all channels. By having a solid strategy, integrated marketing efforts ensure that your goals are defined, your brand voice is clear, and your message is consistent.
* For example, our "We Care for You" campaign for DuPage Medical Group features print materials, digital content, social media posts, and videos that all share a single goal and focus on one core message: DuPage Medical Group is a physician-led healthcare provider that truly cares for its patients and community. Key audiences receive this message in mediums ranging from streaming music ads to local newspaper features.

2. It streamlines timing and workflow. Integrated marketing allows you to strategically time and deliver
all individual components of a campaign. You can release campaign components in a strategic order, delivering a clear message and reaching your audience during key moments in their decision-making journey.
* For example, by working with an integrated marketing agency (rather than multiple separate vendors) you can make sure that a foundational campaign element like a website redesign is complete before you publish a series of print ads that include your website URL. Timing is everything when it comes to multi-platform marketing — and by going through an integrated marketing agency, you’ll keep everything on track.

3. It connects with multiple audiences. Well-rounded integrated marketing strategies not only expand a campaign’s reach by targeting multiple platforms; they’re also effective in reaching multiple audiences.
* For example, we launched a TV campaign for Terrebonne General Medical Center that targeted three audiences: mothers, millennials, and business owners. Although the TV spots shared a singular message, storylines and mediums were specifically selected to resonate with target audiences. 

4. It creates meaningful insights. Integrated campaigns offer your brand the opportunity to monitor the impact of multiple outreach efforts all at once. If you’re working with an agency that has a dedicated research and analytics team, you’ll be able to use performance results to inform strategy for all mediums.
* For example, when Zehnder launched a series of media ads across multiple platforms for Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet, we were able to track ad performance alongside coupon redemption numbers. Seeing that certain media platforms tended to increase the amount of coupon redemptions whereas other platforms didn’t perform as strongly, we were able to shift ad dollars accordingly. 

5. It maximizes the impact of your current and future marketing efforts. Though integrated marketing strategies require more resources than one-off marketing projects, they also produce far more results. By integrating multiple components of a campaign, you’re ultimately amplifying the success of each one and getting the most out of your marketing investment.

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