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Account Services – A Jack of All Trades

But a heck-of-a problem solver! In Account Service, we focus on being a “jack of all trades” – pairing strategic and creative thinking with a business mindset to look for the best outcomes for our clients. Plus, in today’s digital world, an account person is obligated to respond immediately. But, that AE needs to ensure they are responding, not reacting. Today’s account person has to be knowledgeable about pulling and interpreting data, the ins and outs of digital development and marketing, social media, search engine marketing, creative development, competitor analysis, mobile, print, outdoor, email, streaming media…the list goes on. Think of Account Service as the producer behind a client’s success. Pulling the right levers at the right time to move the brand forward. So, how can one person do that?

An account person must know enough about each discipline inside an agency to make strategic recommendations to orchestrate the best solution for the client. And, more importantly, great account people are extensions of their client’s business - knowing a client’s business inside and out to tailor custom strategies, while also drawing on experience from other client industries to provide a fresh approach.

By being a master of multiple skills and industries, an account person can focus on solving the client’s problem and helping them achieve their goals. An account person is open to all solutions and past experiences that might be available to drive change versus coming at a problem from one direction. A jack-of-all trades looks at the problem, identifies the most strategic solutions and makes recommendations uniquely suited to a client’s needs versus an off-the-shelf approach.  

As advertising is changing and becoming more specialized, the value of the open-minded problem solver may be even more valuable. By knowing the intricacies of multiple industries and marketing services, an account person is providing their clients a deep benefit. At Zehnder, our account strategy team is surrounded by a plethora of specialists in their field. Our clients have access to account people with travel industry experience; financial, healthcare and education expertise and the digital acumen required for native mobile application development. Zehnder even has someone who’s worked on a garbage truck account. Each of these experiences, makes our account team the strategic problem-solvers. Perhaps a jack-of-all-trades account person and agency is what your business needs as well.

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