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Business Success Requires Business Strategy

Why would an ad agency have a business strategy team? Because success for your company is more than the sum of its parts ‒ it’s how well those parts work together in the competitive environment.

Led by Jeremy Hunnewell, a CPA and MBA with more than 20 years’ experience in corporate finance and startups, Zehnder’s business strategy unit examines your company from all aspects through market analysis, business intelligence, dynamic financial modeling, competitor research, organizational assessment and growth planning, among others. The information is invaluable in setting realistic, results-based goals, developing customized strategies and creating a system for monitoring progress.

Moreover, you’ll have a better handle on the larger picture for your business ‒ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for growth and how to fine tune operations moving forward.

Here’s a brief video to learn more about Zehnder’s business strategy team. For more information, please reach out to Laura Gould at or 615.349.9602. 


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