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Cool Breeze: With brand activations, Zehnder does the job beginning to end.

Handing out samples is usually the easiest way to give customers a taste of your product. That’s not easy, though, when your product is an intangible experience. Visit South Walton, the marketing arm for 26 miles of beach along the Florida panhandle, rises to the challenge with an unforgettable display designed for its frequent sponsorship of wine and food events.

The display recreates the entire high-end Gulf Coast experience ‒ an Airstream travel-trailer motif with sand, grass, sights and sounds of ocean waves at sunset, even the fragrance of the beach are all reproduced.

Care to guess how many different agencies, vendors and teams it takes to build, organize and move such a robust display? Exactly one: Zehnder.

Our creative team designed the display and worked with other vendors for construction. Our project managers handle all the logistics of production, shipping and storage. Each time the display is set up, Zehnder’s social media team is there to execute the brand activation and geofencing.

And that’s where we’re just getting started.

Before each brand activation, Zehnder walks through the entire event with the client team to draft a comprehensive plan. If paid media is involved, Zehnder handles all placements, as well as the creative.

We negotiate with the event host to ensure our client has a choice location. And, of course, Zehnder personnel is there during the event for boots-on-the-ground support. Our social media and account service teams interact directly with visitors and in representing the client’s brand throughout the event.

Just as important, Zehnder is there for a host of wrap-up once the event ends. Our teams oversee invoicing and budget management. Our project managers get the display packed up, shipped out and stored securely until it’s needed again. All while our account service team continues cultivating relationships for future opportunities.

We generate recap reports and post-event analysis for a head start on the next event. Which aspects worked? Which ones didn’t? And how effective was your overall investment?

That’s the difference in partnering with Zehnder. As a client, we’re the only stop you’ll need for managing and organizing events down to the last detail. Our services can be tailored for each job, and they’re entirely scalable based on your needs and budget.

When you hire Zehnder, you get the entire agency.

Reach out to Jen Boneno at or (225) 448-0756, and discover how we can power up and streamline your customer outreach.


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