Key Stats For Super Bowl XLVII

Key Stats For Super Bowl XLVII

Compiled by Zehnder Media Director Joann Habisreitinger

•    An average of 108.4 million viewers watched Super Bowl XLVII, down from last year’s average of 111.3 million viewers.

•    A rating point is 1 percent of population. Share is the percentage of viewership among all homes with TVs turned on at the time.

•    In Nielsen’s select measurement of big cities, the game received a 48.1 rating with a 71 share. In New Orleans, ratings and shares were higher at about 57 and 77, respectively.

•    Baltimore had the highest viewership with a 59.6 rating and an 83 share. Surprisingly, San Francisco was not in Nielsen’s top 10.

•    The average price of a 30-second ad was $3.8 million, 8.6 percent higher from last year’s $3.5 million and 27 percent higher from $3 million in 2011.

•    A 30-second spot in New Orleans was $37,000.

•    37 companies advertised during this year’s game, 10 of which made their Super Bowl debut.

•    There were 47.7 million social media posts during the game, a dramatic increase from last year’s 17 million.

•    The average 2013 Super Bowl ticket cost $3,000.

•    39 percent of Super Bowl viewers said the commercials were the best part of the game.

•    38 percent of those surveyed would rather use the restroom during the game, 23 percent preferred to go during the commercials.

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