Swayne Nominated for AAF Nashville's Creative Driver Award

Swayne Nominated for AAF Nashville's Creative Driver Award

Zehnder's Group Account Director Beth Swayne was recently nominated for AAF Nashville's Creative Driver Award. 

About AAF Nashville's Creative Driver Award: AAF Nashville's Creative Driver Award is given to "an account department virtuoso that every creative wants in the room during presentations...This creative partner champions great ideas, ever proud of the quality of the work produced under his or her guidance."

About Beth: If Group Account Director Beth Swayne was a professional racecar driver, she’d probably take first place in the Indy 500 — because she’s fast, focused, and totally in control. As anyone in our office can tell you, Beth never spins off course or loses sight of the finish line. And she’s a pro at smoothly shifting gears when needed.

Luckily for us, Beth hasn’t chased those NASCAR dreams just yet. Right now she’s strapped in as a top driver for Zehnder, leading our creative and account services teams as we work with clients in the healthcare, education, and food and beverage industries. Since she joined Zehnder two years ago, Beth has quickly proven herself as one of our company’s most valuable assets. Her managers promoted her within a year on the job, and her coworkers recently nominated for a Z Teamer of the Year award.

Why? Simply put, Beth excels at what she does. Her “can do” attitude allows us to create great work for our clients, and her positive, passionate approach is directly in line with Zehnder’s mission to have fun and make a difference. One of Beth’s greatest traits is her fearlessness, which continually propels her to move forward with confidence — even during challenges like account turnover or personnel changes. Since joining Zehnder, Beth has seamlessly stepped in to manage existing accounts and has also brought in a number of new clients.

All of this means that our creative teams are able to focus on what they do best: Produce great work that’s creative and strategic. Beth is able to take on the perspectives of both our clients and our creative staff, and then step back and visualize how the two can best serve each other. With a vision and strategy in mind, she’s able to get everyone on board and in line to pull off a project — with regular pit stops to ensure that things are running smoothly. Beth remains in sync with our creative teams so that she’s fully able to explain the long-term vision of a project — something that’s crucial during the draft stages of a project. Our creative staff loves taking the back seat when Beth is in charge, because they know she takes as much pride in our work as they do.

And speaking of pride, that’s why we’re here. We’re extremely proud to have Beth on our team and are confident that her track record makes her worthy of an AAF Nashville Creative Driver Award.

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