Zehnder Helps Launch First-in-Class Prebiotic Supplement

Zehnder Helps Launch First-in-Class Prebiotic Supplement

Every once in a while, a unicorn opportunity crosses your path in the advertising business. It could be a particularly strong line of business, or maybe a product you’re very passionate about. In the case of BiomeBliss, it involved both.

Here was a situation rather unique to advertising, one that allowed us to play a direct role in the trajectory of its success. We would have the chance to be involved starting before the launch. And it would allow us to employ our fully integrated approach, mixing creative, PR, media and social media with our advanced business strategy and research and analysis (R&A) capabilities.

MBT had spent almost a decade painstakingly perfecting and clinically testing their proprietary blend. Now they were ready to share it with a wider audience of consumers who might benefit from it.

Working closely with our new partners, we dove into full development of the brand’s identity. Because what’s a microbiome anyway? Well, it’s comprised of all the healthy bacteria living within your lower GI tract. It promotes numerous benefits by sending out a variety of signals (not unlike Zehnder) to various physiological components of your body. While probiotics plant healthy bacteria in your gut, prebiotic blends like this serve to feed the existing biome for the most positive effects.

Such an incredible product would need a name, of course. After compiling and vetting several rounds of options, the group embraced one that spoke to the true happiness of healthier living.

The Creative team then got to work on forming the distinct personality of BiomeBliss: a new logo, a product label, a package insert booklet, and a user-friendly website. Our PR, Media and Social Media teams joined the game, helping to spread the word through well-targeted avenues.

As if explaining the scientific minutiae of the human microbiome wasn’t enough of a challenge, we had to navigate strict regulations from the FDA and FTC regarding benefit claims. All of our marketing efforts were also formulated with analytics considered at the forefront. Zehnder has a dedicated R & A team with extensive capabilities including Dashboard through Google DataStudio, which allows real-time viewing of metrics. This elaborate tracking lets us ensure ROI by allowing us to distill the data into KPIs like customer acquisition cost and repeat customer purchases. These, in turn, feed back into our overall Business Strategy, as we can select which ones to pursue and how to use them – such as cash forecasting and fundraising assistance.

“By combining the creative problem solving of our Business Strategy team with the rigorous analytical approach of our R&A group, Zehnder is able to derive deeper, more meaningful recommendations,” saysJeremy Hunnewell, CFO & Business Strategist at Zehnder. “This results in actionable insight that we can implement immediately.”

Indeed, Zehnder’s Business Strategy arm sets us apart from many agencies by helping make us a true extension of our client partners – providing valuable consultation in areas like finance, operations, management. As we move forward, this will afford MBT invaluable collaboration when it comes to business aspects such as forecasting sales and identifying timelines for product replenishment.

Seeing everything work together so cohesively really is, well, blissful. All the interacting pieces actually mirror the intricate workings of a heathy biome. The ultimate goal is to strike an ideal balance, which in turn leads to a steady course of growth and improvement.

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