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Looking ahead to CES 2020

What we're seeing has us asking some questions...


Follow us as we tackle technology innovations.

Our roaming reporters will be taking on the tech conference full steam with daily updates, recaps and the best innovations we can find. Social media is already buzzing with cool ideas that we can't wait to see in person. Here are some of the more interesting things we're planning to check out. Make sure to follow along as we hit the road!


What will 2020 bring for the Automotive industry?

From autonomous vehicles to augmented reality - what will consumers have access to in 2020 and what possibilities will it open up for transportation, logistics and other industries?


What will wearable tech tell us?

We've been monitoring ourselves with wearable tech for some time now. What leaps have we made in wearables and the bio tech industry? How will the information wearable tech provides change consumer behavior? What micro-moments will it present when we are making purchase decisions based on readings from our wearable devices? How will wearable tech change the Healthcare industry?


Will we finally have a robot butler?

We know that smarthome devices are going to be big at CES this year, but what does that mean when voice control is combined with the best in robotics? Would we rather have our own C3P0 and R2D2, or are we happy with the potted plant that is Alexa?


What will it feel like to touch the virtual world?

Last year at CES we made friends with Teslasuit and became partners in exploring use cases for their haptic feedback body suit. If you haven't yet read our posts about Teslasuit you can start here. Haptic feedback allows you to feel virtual reality. Along with the suit, this glove will give you total immersion by allowing you to touch and feel the digital world. What will this mean for immersive training? What will it mean for the gaming industry?


Follow our CES excursion. 

Heard of something cool going down at CES? Let us know and we'll check it out. Follow along with our roaming reports and find us on social for daily breakdowns and meet ups.

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